Kreator & Dimmu Borgir

The European Apocalypse Tour

Gäste: Hatebreed, Bloodbath

Definitiv die Metal-Tour des Jahres: Die deutschen Thrash-Urgesteine KREATOR schließen sich mit Norwegens Nummer Eins in Sachen Symphonic Metal DIMMU BORGIR zusammen! Und bringen am 8. Dezember 2018 auch noch die US-Hardcore-Institution HATEBREED und die Death-Metal Soupergroup BLOODBATH mit in die Ludwigsburger MHP-Arena.

KREATOR-Frontmann Mille Petrozza kommentiert „I am more than excited to team up with three of the strongest and most unique bands in today's metal world for this killer package. For this run, we have prepared the biggest production in the history of the band to bring the ultimate KREATOR-experience to a hall near you. The European Apocalypse will be THE tour of 2018, and I can`t wait to see all of you in December. Hail to the Hordes!"

DIMMU BORGIR-Gitarrist Silenoz dazu: "It feels great to announce that we’re finally touring Europe again! It’s been a while, but we can’t wait to share the Eonian energy with our fans - see you all in November and December!"

HATEBREED fügen an: “We're honored & excited to share the stage with such influential and important bands. In a world where everyone seems so divided, it‘s important for heavy music to unify & inspire. This tour has something for everyone! Death, Black, Thrash, and Crossover. Prepare to rage, see you in the pit!”

BLOODBATH-Gitarrist Anders Nyström erklärt: "We‘re honored to be chosen to represent the death metal department in a versatile bill of thrash metal, black metal and hardcore!"