Asaf Avidan

Kurzfristig wegen Krankheit abgesagt, weitere Infos in Kürze. Ein Nachholtermin wird gesucht.

* Karten vom 3. Februar 2021 behalten Gültigkeit



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ASAF AVIDAN: Konzert muss kurzfristig entfallen

Krankheitsbedingt muss das für heute Abend geplante Konzert von ASAF AVIDAN im Im Wizemann leider ausfallen. Informationen über einen möglichen Nachholtermin folgen schnellstmöglich!

Hey everyone - on the doctor’s orders - I will have to cancel the next few shows and take the time to rest, otherwise there is a risk of permanent serious damage to my vocal chords.

I try my best to stay well throughout these intense tours, taking care of my body and mind. But sometimes, you just get sick. It’s important for me to explain that it’s not about not feeling well or anything like that. I would go on the stage half dead and give a thousand percent. The only times when I have to cancel a show is because I physically just don’t have a voice to sing with. As much as I try my best, it happens.

It’s a part of being a professional touring musician. I’m very sorry that it happened in the concert you planned to come to.

I will do everything in my power to get better, and to reschedule the concert for a date in the near future.

Much much love and apologies,