Leider müssen INTERVALS ihre geplante Tour absagen. Betroffen davon ist auch der für den 30. Juli im Universum geplante Stuttgarter Termin der Band. Bereits gekaufte Eintrittskarten können an den jeweiligen Vorverkaufsstellen zurück gegeben werden.

Hier das Statement der Band dazu:

Europe/UK friends, I sincerely regret to inform you that due to unforeseen personal circumstances, we will not be able to make it back for our dates at the end of July and early August.

In nearly 9 years of Intervals, this is the first time we’ve ever had to make an adjustment to our touring schedule like this, but as independent artists, or as human beings in general, sometimes other aspects of life come first.

I promise we will be back to make up for these shows as soon as possible with a new album.

On a positive note, I can’t wait to announce the remainder of our touring plans for 2019.

We’ll be visiting somewhere we’re long overdue for, as well as one more lap around North America on an insanely stacked tour that I’m beyond excited for.

In the meanwhile, we’ll still be hosting our 4 day camp at the Full Moon Resort in New York at the end of August, and I’ll be getting a necessary head start on writing for a new record, and recharging for the first time since TWF was released at the end of 2017.

As always, thank you for your continued support and I can’t wait to pour the last few years of accumulated inspiration into a new body of work for you guys.

See you back on the road soon.

Love and respect,